Virtual Office

Your office in China


SedeenChina makes all the necessary infraestructure in China available for you

All the necessary infrastructure in China available for you, thereby enabling you to contact clients and providers as much as you require.
Your company will have a physical address and a telephone number which you will be able to distribute to your clients and providers.
Your telephone number will be exclusive and will be answered with a message of your choosing.
You will receive a daily report via email in regards to your received calls and the business carried out.
Through the same email account you will be able to request management of your contacts in China in order for your clients and providers to see that you have a strong presence in this country.
It also includes the reception of samples and their bundling for shipment, thus helping you reduce costs in transport and shipping

The Virtual Office does not include verification of factories’ reliability, negotiation of prices and agreements or verification of the samples.

This service will allow you to communicate with providers and clients from China and to have a physical address from which you will be able to send and receive mail, products, product samples, etc. Through the Virtual Office you will be able to negotiate more efficiently with your Chinese providers and/or clients, as you are showing them your presence in this country.

Your company will be able to include your new address in China on business cards, your website or any information for your clients and/or employees.

Who is the service for?


What does it include?


Virtual office

90 € month
  • Answering service
  • Physical address, email address and telephone number
  • Daily report via email