Corporate Responsibility

Responsible with and in China


Ensuring European working conditions to our Asian workers with 8 office hours, paid leave and vacations, including maternity leave (this is not practiced in China, when a woman has a baby it is normal not to go to work and not receive any payment and the same thing happens when they get sick. No salary is given to non-productive workers). We do not retain workers’ salaries, which is a normal conduct in hiring.


SedeenChina charges for its services according to its stipulated fees, we do not take advantage of any additional services during a service contract. The payments that are made for transportations in China, or to your country, contracts, invoices or payments asked by the client are all dealt with transparency. That is why; a monthly statement is registered and sent to the clients together with the corresponding receipts. SedeenChina does not charge additional commissions for the products nor does it make prior arrangements with factories without directly taking into consideration the client’s partial or total vested interests.


Trying to avoid, to the best of our possibilities, contracting factories where high contaminating materials are used, among others. Although demanding government policy support to prove and apply all the corrective methods, will be needed. SedeenChina has its own factories such as textile, iron (medals) and shoes, among others, where responsible criteria in the material treatments are applied.