Smart Shipping

Dropshipping 2.0 is here

Dropshipping 2.0. Your own Purchasing Centre in China

Be the difference between you and your competitors!

Your own warehouse in China with staff who shares your cultural background and understands your needs.

Quality Control before shipping

We know how to spot problems on industrial products.
After more than a decade in this environment, we know that factories send better products when they can be returned immediately.
Return of products to the source, direct. From China to China it does compensate.
Improvement of feedback: Your clients will not find any unwanted surprises, because we will (before sending).
We will cover your company needs as changes in packages before sending.

Shipping Customisation

Change of packaging, add documentation / catalogues or personalisation of the items with your company logo before shipment.

Shipments from different suppliers

Your customers can make combined purchases in your store as one.

Protection of suppliers against your competitors

We know how hard is to find good suppliers, your competitors will want to find your suppliers, we act as a filter for your peace of mind

Improvement of current shipping prices

Our volume allows us to negotiate better prices with transport companies.

You will have an operator that will handle and coalesce orders according to the requirement of your company.
It will allow you to verify that the merchandise received reaches the quality controls you need and file quick and effective production error claims in case any are needed saving sending and timing costs.

In addition, we will help you find more and better suppliers (factories that do not appear on online platforms, and do not speak English) and we will improve existing conditions with current suppliers. You will have your own workshop to develop or personalise the products. We also help you to manage your payments to suppliers and / or manage the opening of your own company in Hong Kong to receive your payments in a country with a taxation designed with active businesses in mind.

Contact with us

SedeenChina S.L – Jinhua

义乌市施帝安 (中国)
中国 浙江省金华市婺城区宾虹西路185号2-3层

Add: Room 208,B block,BiT internet Business Center,WuCheng District
Street:  No.28 ShangTen Street
Post code: 321000

Jinhua, Zhejiang. China

T. +86 579 8577 5592

SedeenChina S.L – Guangdong

义乌市施帝安 (中国)

Add: 801Room, Poly D Plaza,No.15
Street: XingAn Road, ZhuJiang new town

TianHe, Guangzhou. China

SedeenChina S.L -Yiwu

乌市稠州北路1399号新光国际大厦8603 and 8605室

Room 8603 and 8605
Xinguang International Mansion
Street: No.1399 Chouzhou North Road
Post code: 322000
Yiwu, Zhejiang. China

T. +86 (8)577 55 92

+34 911 863 397