Purchase and Storage service

Your company will have an on-site operator and 120 m3 storage place


This service will enable you to have a warehouse in which SedeenChina will receive your goods.

Who is the service for?


What does it include?

You will have an on-site operator who will handle and bundle the products for shipment according to your company’s requirements.
You will see improvements in quality and productivity: manufacturers will be more meticulous with their shipments when they know the addressee has a warehouse in China where the product’s reliability can be verified.

This will allow you to verify that the goods received comply with the quality controls you require and engage with the manufacturers in relation to possible errors, thus reducing shipping costs and time compared to receiving the goods in their final destination.

In the cases in which your provider requires a minimum purchase, you will be able to store part of the goods in China and send only the required amount to your country. If you have offices in several Asian countries, you can receive your goods in your warehouse and send the to different destinations without the manufacturer having to know the final destination or having to handle them on your behalf. This service will enable you to modify, handle and personalize your goods and packaging.