Selling in China

More than 3.000 selling points

Exporting to China

In 1 minute. Let us explain to you… Why China? Why with us?

As an international consultant, SedeenChina works in this country in order to support the small and medium enterprises with their establishment in China. With our support, exporting to China will be like doing business in their own country.We understand that companies cannot take a risk with big amounts of money without having checked this market’s reliability first. A market with more than 1.300 million people your company can find its customers. SedeenChina offers more than 3.000 selling options in the more of 30 China provinces.


The “unique son” law has encouraged the appearance of a new generation of babies with 6 adults to care for them: parents plus 4 grandparents.


The society evolves and modernizes but even now China is a country of traditions, and marriage and parenthood is a priority.


Warm environments for marriage and modern western decor to feel more international are the keys to the Chinese public.

China online

140 million of daily online buyers.  We know how to sell to the 90% of them!