Our Team

A young team. More than 30 local and western professionals.

Adrián Díaz

Manager Director in Asia

Since he was 25 he has been working in the import-export of exotic products (from Asia, Africa and South America). In 2006, he moved to China and opened the first SedeenChina office in Guangzhou, where he started to learn Chinese at Guangzhou University. Adrián speaks four languages and manages business operations in Asia. 

Esther Fuentes

Manager Director in Europe and Latin America

She studied Business Administration and Marketing and has Master’s degree in International Business and Communication. She is the Yiwu team manager and the contact with European and American customers who are interested in doing business in China.

Lucy Liu (Liulai Yen)

Institutional Relations & Protocol Director

She was born in the province of Zhejiang. She is the CEO of one of the companies of “SedeenChina Zhejiang Group”. With twelve years of experience working in international business, Lucy Liu speaks English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and two other dialects).

Tom Xu

Investment Manager

Investment expert and SedeenChina partner since 2013. He advises and collaborates in SeedinChina strategies.

Windy Zou

Guangzhou office manager


SeedinChina. Jinhua.


SeedinChina. Jinhua.


SeedinChina. Wuyi.


SeedinChina. Jinhua.


SeedinChina. Guangzhou.


SeedinChina. Wuyi.


SeedinChina. Guangzhou.


SeedinChina. Cambodia.

Lili Shi

SeedinChina. Yiwu.


SeedinChina Quality. Zhejiang.


SeedinChina Quality. Fujian.


SeedinChina Quality. Hebei.

Hu Xiaoling

SedeenChina Calidad. Hebei y Shanxi.

Lili Wang

SeedinChina. Yiwu.

Mae Dong

SeedinChina. Yiwu.

Helen Zhou

SeedinChina. Yiwu.


SeedinChina. Jinhua.

Claudia Vannini

Operations and strategy

Álvaro Flecha

Operations and strategy